Taija Mäntylä Art

Tervetuloa sivuilleni katsomaan maalauksiani! Jos olet kiinnostunut ostamaan, ota yhteyttä

Welcome to see my art! If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact.

As a child, I liked to use colors. At school I felt I was not good enough as I could not draw well. In 1998 on old woman told me to paint because she saw a lot of colors around me. So I attended an oil painting course and started to paint almost every day.

After I had begun to study terahy, my paintings were expressing more my feelings. Pictures often came from unconscious.

Life is a process and I found different kind of methods to help me to find the real me. In October 2020 I took a huge jump into myself. It gave me freedom and my new creativity. After many years I started to paint again in great passion different style. I have understood that all information and knowledge is inside me. It came into daylight, because I let it come and the timing was right.

M.a.d.s digital art gallery asked me to participate virtual exhibition Fable in December 2020 and Kromatic in January 2021. My paintings will also be in GAIA exhibition in March 2021. MADSMILANO

Check my paintings dance painting section.

Reviews written by Artcurator Giorgia Massari M.A.D.S. art gallery Milan.

Romantica Gaia the origin Kromatic Fable

Nartwork a.p.s. asked me to participate their exhibition in Milan starting 4 June 2021.

Exhibition of Virtualartists UK will start on 12 June.

In Finland I have had my exhibition in our library in Pyhtää in January 2021 and I have been in joint exhibition in Galleria Fogga in Helsinki in January and March 2021. Will be in Fogga in August too

I am participating Spring exhibition of Galleria MAAN.